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You're a landlord or potential tenant, a REALTOR® is just as vital to the process. After all:


  • A REALTOR® knows the neighborhoods and the available properties to connect people with the homes they want to rent

  • A REALTOR® has up-to-date information that can help narrow (or expand) a home or tenant search

  • Many REALTORS® are also licensed property managers. Work with a professional who has the proper license and expertise to manage your property


If you'd like to rent a home:


Step 1: Find your REALTOR®

This will be your advocate and guide for the entire process. Search REALTORS® here.

Step 2: Meet with your REALTOR®

Discuss your rental needs. This will help your REALTOR® make an educated search on your behalf.

Step 3: Find your property

Discuss the pros and cons with your REALTOR®. And if you fall in love, be ready to sign your agreements. The rental market in Southern Nevada can move quickly

Things to know:

  • How long the lease agreement lasts

  • The terms of extension

  • Which utilities you will have to pay

  • Which fees and deposits, if any, you will have to pay

  • Under what circumstances can you be released from your lease

  • What repairs you will be responsible for

  • Who to call in case of an emergency


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