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Our mission is to promote the prosperity of REALTORS® and our communities. To advance members professionalism through the delivery of education resources while upholding the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.


We are committed to being the leading advocate of real estate in the communities we serve by protecting private property rights.


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Fair Housing Makes Us Stronger: Commemorating 51 Years of the Fair Housing Act


Fair housing is more than a list of dos and don’ts, rights and penalties, and mandatory continuing education. As stewards of the right to own, use and transfer private property, fair housing protects our livelihood and business as REALTORS® and depends on a free, open market that embraces equal opportunity. Fair Housing Makes US Stronger.


An Overview of the Fair Housing Act

Join NAR’s commemoration of the Fair Housing Act and learn about the law, how it makes our industry and country stronger, and the work that is still to be done. We ask all members of the REALTOR® family to join us in this commemoration and stand together with us in this commitment.

51st Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act

In 2018 the National Association of REALTORS® joined with its partners and allies in a year-long commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act. The commemoration focused on three key elements of Fair Housing:

  • Acknowledging the organization’s past role in the fight for fair housing;

  • Understanding how we as a nation are constantly improving our commitment to fair housing; and

  • Embracing REALTORS®’ role at the forefront of advancing fair housing, leading efforts to address community fair housing issues.



What Should All New Owners Do When Moving into a New Home?

The process of moving into a new home has many steps, and after all the paperwork is signed and boxes unpacked, the process is over right? Not so fast! There are additional steps new homeowners should take to make sure that their home is clean and secure.


Changing the locks is the first thing a new homeowner should undertake. There is no way to know who has the keys to a house, so switching out the locks ensures that the new homeowner is the only person with access to the house. Also, before all the boxes are unpacked, the house should be deep cleaned. Steam clean the carpets, wipe down all of the doors and cabinets, and clean the toilets and sinks. This will let the owner start fresh in their new lifeand in their new home.

Self-Employed Clients? Loan Approval Chances Just Got Better


April 4, 2019


The two largest sources of mortgage money in the United States want self-employed loan shoppers to know that their chances of getting a home loan approved have increased.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have rolled out automated underwriting technology for lenders that take a lot of the guesswork and risk out of the approval process for mortgage applications of the self-employed.


One of the reasons lenders have been reluctant to approve loans if you’re self-employed is because it’s expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive to gather and analyze the paperwork needed to verify your income and gauge your risk. It’s much easier and profitable to process applications of wage or salaried employees who get a W-2 issued by their employer.


But this new technology, incorporated into the companies’ automated underwriting systems, enables lenders to analyze the paperwork quickly and accurately so they can come to a decision in a fraction of the time it used to take and with far less speculation involved.


The process potentially increases efficiency so much that even small community banks in rural areas can find it cost-effective to consider loan applications that before they might have passed on.

No process is perfect and there’s bound to be problems as glitches are worked out, but the new procedures show Fannie and Freddie are trying to remove some of the friction self-employed homebuyers face.

The new underwriting is a top story in the latest Voice for Real Estate news video from NAR.





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